I Reach Tarros


We reached Tarros today and found that the city is in the rebels' hands. The city garrison joined them and they took over the city two days ago. We retired to a hill some kilometre from Tarros and made camp. I then sent one of my men to sneak into the city and find out more about the situation there. He returned to camp some hours ago and made his report. A most efficient man. I was expecting him to take atleast till tomorrow. The Duke and his family have been thrown in the dungeon and the general sentiment in the city seems to be one of relief. Evidently, the Duke was not a very popular man. There are still some loyalists in town and there seem to have been some conflict between them and the rebels. I'll send Warton to speak with the rebels tomorrow, to go myself would be giving them excessive importance.

Our journey to Tarros was uneventful except for one incident. When we were crossing over from Kashka to Escaria two days ago, our advance party was attacked by hill tribes that reside in the region. Our path led through a narrow path with cliffs on one side and dense trees on the other. The tribesmen started raining arrows on the vanguard from the cliffs and the panic stricken men dismounted and ran to take cover in the forest, leaving their horses and supplies unguarded. We rushed to their aid when word reached us. I sent five hundred men under Calliers to try to go up the cliff and outflank the tribesmen. The rest I took with me. When we reached the battle site we found that the tribesmen had come down the cliff to pick up loot and Loven was desperately trying to regroup the scattered vanguard. We charged the tribesmen and pinned them against the cliff. They were ill equipped for a melee, wielding crude daggers, hand axes and other such weapons and wore absolutely no armour. They were spirited men though and they fought to the last man. They killed anyone who tried to surrender.

I got stabbed in the shin by a dagger during the charge. Because of the armour, it did not penetrate very deeply, however it bled somewhat profusely and it aches whenever I walk, forcing me to limp a little. The physician applied some poultice on it to prevent infection and gangrene. He gave me a herb to lessen the pain but I refused to take it. I don't want my senses dulled, I am capable enough of tolerating pain.

Some very important revelations came out of this attack. Firstly, these tribes must be subjugated swiftly or they'll destroy commerce. Secondly, these Morvakian soldiers are cowards of the first order. I had them all flogged for desertion. I also spoke sternly to Loven about his display of incompetence. But one should not be too harsh on him. Even though he is older than me, he has lesser experience of combat and even the best commander cannot control men so unruly as these Morvakians. Craven, the entire lot. Fled like mice. I wanted to behead all of them. We lost several horses in the attack. Their cost shall be deducted from their riders' pay.


The ego really comes out in this post, methinks. With him being unwilling to give "undue importance" to the rebels, refusing treatment and oh, the way he talks about the tribes and soldiers. I like. Can he be much more popular than the previous ruler, or the duke?

October 16, 2008 at 8:26 PM  

Wild Iris: A king without some ego doesn't command much respect. It is difficult to predict how popular he will be but he will definitely be more respected due to his ambition and military success.

October 17, 2008 at 12:46 AM  

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