I Conquer Kashka


Two years ago, on a similar spring day, by the grace of Mithros, I sat upon the throne of Escaria. Today is a day just as momentuous. Today at noon I rode through the gates of Kashka. After being besieged for three weeks they surrendered today. Yesterday there was bitter fighting between Calliers' men and the city troops at the west gate and it was almost breached. However, reinforcements arrived and Calliers was forced to withdraw. Nevertheless, he fought valiantly and the attack and it's near-success shook the Duke of Kashka for today he sent one of his courtiers to negotiate with me.

The courtier, a noble by the name of Ramos rode up to our camp in the morning followed by a small entourage bearing gifts of gold and silk. They stopped about hundred metres from our camp and I sent Isvon to tell them I would negotiate only with the Duke himself and send them back. An hour later the Duke rode up the hill, a bigger entourage trailing behind him, bearing more gifts. This time I myself went to meet them. The customary greetings were exchanged and we settled down for business. The Duke, a fat, middling man of a most debauched and cravenly nature, agreed to surrender the city on the condition that he and his family were allowed safe passage out of the city. What a cowardly man! He had no concern for any of his subjects. All he cared about was his own life. I t old him he could depart the city without any concerns for his safety. But he would only be allowed to carry whatever possessions he could pack on two mules. He was dismayed at this, for the man is filthy rich and just as greedy, but he finally agreed after he weighed the alternatives. I also announced safe passage for all the citizens who wished to leave the city. he did not seem to care much about that. A most disgusting individual. So we broke bread together and the deal was made.

And in this way I acquired the province of Kashka, our first conquest in the West in decades. The people of Kashka greeted me with great fanfare, evidence of how unpopular the Duke was, and their relief at the end of the siege was evident. I rode straight to the palace and ordered a meeting. I appointed Oswic as Duke of Kashka and delegated the responsibilities of the city to him. He has been handling the affairs of Utvoros for years now and I believe he is more than capable of this new position.

Early in the evening a messenger arrived from Tarras bearing distressing news. There has been some sort of uprising in the countryside and the peasants are refusing to pay their taxes. The tax collectors were brutally beaten up and sent back to town. With most of the army here with me, the rebellion is spreading unchecked. It is so typical of these uncouth peasants to start making mischief the moment they sense any weakness. Tomorrow I shall ride with two thousand of my men and put an end to this nonsense.


That was a nice peaceful conquest!

//a most disgusting individual// *stifles grin*

October 16, 2008 at 8:14 PM  

Wild Iris: It wasn't. The siege lasted three weeks over the course of which hundreds died on either side.

October 17, 2008 at 12:44 AM  

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